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Subject? Dark.

Greetings fellow creatures of the night or daytime. Im sorry that ive been gone, there was an audrey hepburn marathon on the womens network, being as dark as i am, i could not refuse the temptationing.

anyway, on a very dark note, i have been listening to one very dark Paula Abdul... she is the infamous singer of that goth rock anthem "straight up"..
her music fills me with a wonderful dark froth.

my new years resolution is to make as many brooding cats as i can... perhaps i will post some of my angsty feline photos, with yours truly (very dark)juxtaposed within reasonable distance, then we will see who is the very most darkest.

(for all of you morons out there[all of you, especially the daytime people], that will be ME)

Im going to clean out my garage now, my mom said i was too embarrassing to live in my room anymore.

so i leave you with this, Quoth, "Now tell me straight up, are you going to love me forever? oh oh oh? or are you just having fun?"

mmmmm delightfully dark and frothy... mmmmm

Fuck you all,
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