darkenbludness (darkenbludness) wrote,


Some people make me so broodingly.

Look upon this with excited lude.

"this may seem funny to you, but I assure you it is not.
this journal is disgusting. it is the most insulting and blasphemous work i have happend upon sine the satanic bible.
have you no place in your heart for God?"

If you dont mind (and you dont) im going to darkly point out some reasons why this person should have been taken care of via planned parenthood.

Firstest and most Darkly,

..."this may seem funny to you but i assure you it is not" (let that sink in)
Some people think clowns are funny, but i assure you they are not.
True statement?? No, its subjective. I do not like clowns... except for the darkest of dark ones... such as "IT"...


"this journal is disgusting"

.... agreed, although i think disgusting is what i was going for, ergo disgusting and "awesome" are one and the same.

Most ThirDARK.

"it is the most insulting and blasphemous work i have happend upon sine the satanic bible."

ive readed throughout my whole dark journal... and it only had two "blasphemous" remarks...
"Baptized in shit"
...i dont know what readers digest version of the satanic bible you have been reading, but its supposed to go something like this,

"A defrocked priest stands before an altar consisting of a nude woman, her legs spread-eagled and vagina thrust open, each of her outstretched fists grasping a black candle made from the fat of unbaptized babies, and a chalice containing the urine of a prostitute reposing on her belly." -Anton Lavey

for those of us that cant count, thats once sentence...
one sentance from the satanic bible is MUCH more 'blasphemous' than my entire journal.

so fuck off.


"have you no place in your heart for God?"

before i answer this, im going to have to asketh a question of my own,
"Have you no place in your heart for Grammar?" (i have capital G's too.)

If you do notice, that entire entry was devoid of correct language, yes language, that thing more universal than god.

there was only one capital letter.

the word sine means "without" not "not including"
-->sine prep. with abl. [without].

So let me correct that...
"it is the most insulting and blasphemous work i have happend upon Without the satanic bible."

So...either dummy just cant spell and meant to say "since" or dummy didnt have his/her/it satanic bible on hand when they read my journal.


Sometimes i with people could spel as darkly as i can.

on a final note, i have no heart. so im sorry, but there is no room for god :(
plus if i ever get staked then he would fly out and be alone :(

Not so dark in contrast to the satanic bible,
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