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Im so dark...

who turned out the lights?

25 January
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One time i rolled down a hill and i didnt even die, another one time i jumped on a hood of a car and the alarm didnt even go off. it was then, then that i knew, i knew i was a creature of the night.
aaliyah, alooominium, amishism, angst, bampires, beach vollyball, beards, beautiful baby contests, bedtime, beggin strips, bi-focals, big wheels, black, black people, blood, boozin, brautwarst, bubbly soap, bugs, candels, candies, chains, charles manson, cheesecake, chillen, chocolate sawse, circus people, closets, corn, crayons, crazy, crime & fighting crime, cubans, death, death again, destruction, dirt, disney movies, dracula, drains, drinking, dying, eating babies, eating meat, elton john, fart jokes, fiddy cent, fingerpaint, flamingos, flannel, fondue, foxy ladies, freckles, g-strings, germans, goosebumps, grandpa, green rocks/bread, hannukah, ice skating, kartoons, kfc cruelty, kill, killer bunny rabbi, killin stuff, killing, knives, koser., lamps, legos, lightbulbs, loose skin, lord of the rings, macaroni and cheese, mathcing socks, mismathcing socks, mormons, motocross, mulch, muphyns, nappy hair, necrophilia, ninjas, noseferahtuu, ofc, oranges, peeing, peppermints, pickup trucks, pie, pink, plywood, polyester, ponies, poop, poop jokes, pop rocks, porn, post-its, presents, pretty pretty princess, racial slurs, rags, rat poison, rebel flags, reindeer, robots, s&m, screwing, screws, seagulls, sequins, sexy dogs, shaving, shower heads, silky pillows, small animals, smut, snowmen, socks, sodomy, sorry, southern people, spaceships, spin-art, stamps, staple guns, suciding, sweat, t.i.t.s, texas chainsaw massacre, the damned, the macabre, the mafia, the partridge fambly, the wnba, tires, tomatoes, torture, tractors, urine, vampires, vavavirgil, vegans, wedding dresses, zebras